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Sanasar-Jammu and Kashmir Tour and Travel Guide

Sanasar-Jammu and Kashmir Tour and Travel Guide

Sanasar –Hill Station of Good Adventure and Beauty 

About Sanasar Tour and Travel Guide

One of the less known hill stations in the J&K region, Sanasar is a fascinating spot for enthusiasts and provides multiple activities like paragliding, rock climbing, abseiling as well as trekking. The area is designed in the form of a cup-shaped meadow engulfed by gigantic conifers. Sanasar has the name after two local lakes and provides you with a quiet side of Jammu and Kashmir full of adventure. You can come here through Jammu trip packages conducted by Hellovisit. 

The area provides you an extension to the trip to Jammu and Kashmir less full of activity increasing the excitement you have with the multiple activities it has to provide. You can come here through the Jammu and Kashmir trip guide. 


Places to see and things to do in Sanasar


One can feel the mesmerizing beauty and splendor of the Sanasar valley by gliding over the meadows and landscapes as well as a lake too. A low fly ride includes a bigger bit of the flight path above a lake as well as a landing in the meadows.

The high-flying ride is experienced at Nathatop for a duration of 20 minutes.


Wilderness Adventure Camps(WAC)

WAC-Sanasar commenced years ago "Extreme Himalayan Adventures" and is dedicated to promoting and providing wilderness adventure camping as well as your adventure sports experiences. 

The camp can provide accommodation for around 100 participants. It is operated by "Extreme Himalayan Adventures" with the Dept of Tourism, Jammu. Come here through a Jammu family trip package.  


Naag Mandir

The Nag Temple located near Patnitop is more than 600 years old. At the time of the Nag Panchami Festival, you can come across innumerable Shiva devotees, who come to this temple to pay homage and worship the snake King Cobra. You can come here through the Jammu religious package tour. 

Primarily made of wood, this temple has withstood various centuries although it is not a solid temple construction. Standing in lush green surroundings, the temple is not just a significant religious center for the area, but also a site that fascinates visitors with the exotic sceneries around.


Trekking in Sanasar

Sanasar has various trekking trails. The trekking trails of Ladoo Ladi is a nature walk of 4km from Madhatop. One can also trek to Shanta Gala which is a pass on the Shanta ridge and provides a splendid glimpse of the Panchari valley, situated on the other side of the ridge. Come here through the Jammu and Kashmir trip packages. 


Shank Pal Temple

Situated on the Shank Pal ridge, at an elevation of 2800m, this temple is 400 years old and a 5-hour trek distance from Sanasar. Its distinct feature is that no mortar is used to bond the stones of the temple. Come here through J&K tour packages. 

Golf course

Amidst exotic green hills as well as landscapes with light silver mountains in the backdrop, added efforts have been made by the authorities to transform picturesque meadows into a 9-hole golf course. Come here through the Jammu sports tourism package. 


Surni Kund

Suri Kund is a little pond on the Shank Pal ridge. It is 2 km from the Shank Pal Nag temple and demands a 7-hour trek from Sanasar.


Rock climbing

Situated amongst high conifers, the rocky regions of Sanasar are famous for rock climbing activities and offer a natural feel of climbing. You can come here through Jammu adventure tour packages. 


Adventure activities 

Sanasar is the aero-adventure-sports capital of Jammu. Sanasar is a sports-adventurists' heaven as one gets the venue for learning as well as practicing paragliding as well as hot air ballooning.

Paragliding is among the famous adventures in Sanasar. At Sanasar, you find 'Tandem Hang-gliders' which carry both the pilot as well as a passenger at once. The J&K TDC trains you for this. Paragliding gives you the opportunity of witnessing a sizzling aerial view of the region. Come here through Jammu and Kashmir adventure packages. 

Hot air ballooning is another fascinating adventure among tourists. It’s a sport where you enjoy an aerial view of the area to be seen. It is a sport for photographers to take some exotic shots of the mesmerizing meadows. You can come here through a J & K adventure trip. 

One can also enjoy riding a horse in hilly regions.

Best time to visit Sanasar

The best time to visit Sanasar is from April to Oct.


How to reach Sanasar?

By road:-You can reach Sanasar by motor vehicle from Patnitop or from Jammu.

By train:-Train does not go to Sanasar.

By air:-Aircraft does not go to Sanasar.