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Places to Visit in Rishikesh

Lakshman Jhula

One of the most famous hanging bridges throughout the river Ganga, Lakshman Jhula is cradled among scenic villages, namely, Jonk village and Tapovan Village. This 450-meter lengthy bridge is made from iron and is suspended at an elevation of 70 toes above the river.

In addition to its touristy significance, the bridge has additionally received international recognition for its mythological importance. According to the historical people's tales, Lakshman Jhula is the equal region in which Lord Ram and Lakshman crossed the Ganges river. If you're an ardent fan of mythology, Lakshman Jhula merits a unique place on your Rishikesh tour packages.

Ram Jhula

 If you want to trap a number of the excellent glimpses of Rishikesh sightseeing, a visit to this iconic suspension bridge is unmissable. Nestled at the banks of pious Ganga, Ram Jhula is a famous pilgrimage center amongst locals and vacationers alike. Serving as a link between Swargashram and Sivananda Nagar, this bridge is a great spot for folks that appreciate long walks amidst the scenic landscapes.

Even in case you aren't inclined to travel on foot, you could traverse the bridge on a bike or bicycle. In addition to the surreal perspectives of Rishikesh town, the bridge has won popularity because of the presence of numerous temples and religious shrines along with it which can be all covered on your Rishikesh tour package.

Parmarth Niketan Ashram

Perched at the laps of majestic Himalayas, Parmarth Niketan Ashram is one of the maximum iconic spots in the Rishikesh tour package. The ashram marks its life seeing that 1942 and is specifically specialized in all of the conventional ayurvedic remedies and yoga practices.

With its spacious rooms, lush inexperienced garden, and serene environment, it has emerged as one of the maximum peaceful shelters for devotees, as well as, patients. From everyday Satsang to yoga classes and meditation prayers, there are bountiful sports that are carried out right here for the properly-being of the traffic. For all the tourists who're searching for a short break out from the bustling town life, Parmarth Niketan Ashram is an apt shelter.

Triveni Ghat

One of the most opulent locations to visit at the Rishikesh tour, Triveni Ghat forms the convergence factor of 3 holy rivers, namely, Yamuna, Ganges, and Saraswati. A huge quantity of devotees flocks to this region all through the year to take a holy dip in the Ghat and attain one step in the direction of salvation.

As you may usher into the Ghat, you'll be captivated by the slight fragrance of flowers, holy chants, and illuminating earthen lamps. If you want to make the maximum from your Triveni Ghat trip, visit right here during the Maha-Arti and be a stay spectator to this holy ceremony.

Beatles Ashram

If you're an ardent Beatle band fan, you can't depart Rishikesh without paying a visit to this old-age ashram. Earlier called Chaurasi Kutia, this ashram was given undivided interest from travelers after the Beatle band took a life right here in the yr 1986. During their lives, the band participants indulged in meditation and physical games and composed numerous hit songs.

Though the region is more often than not frequented by peace seekers and nature-buffs, it's also an awesome Rishikesh tour package sightseeing spot for records buffs. The dome-fashioned shape of the ashram, its complicated graffiti work, and the charming portray of Beatle band participants shape the main highlights of this region. With its tranquilizer vibe and scenic environment, the ashram is really really well worth traveling for all the ones folks that are traveling to Rishikesh in a quest for peace.

Gita Bhavan

Surrounded by the magical Himalayan levels and the pious river Ganga, Gita Bhavan is every other must-visit region in the Rishikesh tour package that draws peace-seekers and devotees alike. Whether you want to get perception into the wealthy Hindu tradition or you're inclined to tranquilize your thoughts with a few meditation practices, this huge complicated has been given solutions for everything.

The complex serves as an institute wherein the refugees take part in everyday prayers & meditation and have fun with pure-vegetarian meals at a minimum price. In addition to this, it additionally has a dispensary that gives free Ayurvedic treatments to the patients.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Situated at a distance of 32 Km from Rishikesh, this Lord Shiva temple stands as a satisfaction of the town. The holy homestead is enveloped among dense forests and hilly levels of Nar Narayan and forms the confluence factor of river Madhumati and Pankaja. The appeal of the temple will increase manifolds during the Shivratri and Shrawan competition while a huge quantity of devotees throngs the spot to explicit their gratitude to effective Lord Shiva.

Apart from its spiritual significance, the Neelkanth Mahadev temple is also recognized for its impeccable structure and herbal environment that embody effective hills and valleys. If you want to feature a sprint journey on your Rishikesh tour package, trek your manner as much as the temple and vouch for a scenic adventure ahead.


Popularly called the Mecca of river rafting, Shivpuri is positioned at a distance of 20 Km from Rishikesh. This tranquil destination is complete with dense jungles, wonderful mountains, and bountiful journey sports activities. While river rafting right here for your manner in the direction of the Ramjhula, you may get to witness numerous river rapids such as a curler coaster, return to sender, clubhouse, golf course, and Hilton.

If you need to hold up your journey voyage, bear in mind to indulge yourself in a few different journey sports too like jungle trekking, beach camping, wooded area walks, and mountaineering. Despite being the famous journey hub that it is, Shivpuri gives you a golden possibility to unwind and connect to your internal self.

Neer Garh Waterfall

A hidden treasure in the hilly town of Rishikesh, Neer Garh Waterfall is an amalgam of 3 stunning waterfalls. As you may method this astonishing site, be geared up to be surprised on the impeccable view of water falling from an altitude of 25 feet and plunging into the river stream.

To attain this beautiful site, you need to hike your manner thru the wooded area trails for about 15 minutes. If you're making plans for a small picnic together along with your family, bear in mind to hold a few meals, water, and a mat alongside yourself. You also can deliver your binoculars to get a bird's eye view of the adjacent valley.

10. Rajaji National Park: Reckoned as each a national park and tiger reserve, Rajaji National Park welcomes you with verdant perspectives of Shivalik levels and a big sort of plant life and fauna. The park features around eleven tigers, 250 leopards, and 600 elephants who're properly stored in the herbal environment.

In addition to its colorful fauna, the park additionally intrigues its traffic with a wonderful plant life that consists of flowering bushes like Pipal, Acacia, Chilla, Amaldas, and Shorea. If you need to delve deep into the wealthy plant life & fauna of Rajaji National Park for your Rishikesh vacation, embark on a jeep safari and appreciate the raw beauty of this tiger reserve.

Things to Do on Rishikesh Trip

1. Hike your way closer to the Kunjapuri Devi Temple: Nestled atop the Kunjapuri hill, this temple is a sacred Hindu worship spot committed to Goddess Parvathi. In addition to being one of the 52 Shakti Peethas in Uttarakhand, this temple is likewise regarded for its awe-hanging landscapes that cover the panoramic Shivalik variety and wonderful peaks of Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba.

For all the tourists who desire to indulge in nature's glory, Kunjapuri Devi Temple is a one-prevent destination at the Rishikesh tour package.


2. Enjoy river rafting in the holy river Ganga: River rafting over the holy Ganga is in reality a once in a lifetime type of enjoyment. From the uncooked splendor of Ganges to the top-notch help via way of means of the trainers, this place has simply the best matters to provide.

With the best river rafting Rishikesh packages, you will be guided via way of means of certified operators who now no longer best impart you with all of the rafting abilities but additionally deal with your protection. With primary facilities like food, water, and rafting package being taken care of, you may vouch for a pressure-unfastened tour.

3. Pay a visit to Bharat Mandir: Rishikesh city has a plethora of spiritual spots in which you may provide your prayers to God, as nicely as, discover solace in nature. If you are looking for such an area on your Rishikesh tour package, do not depart Rishikesh with out traveling to Bharat Mandir.

Dating returned its life because, in the twelfth century, Bharat Mandir homes a huge Lord Vishnu statue carved out of Saligram. The internal cover of the temple contains Shree Yantra. On your visit to this temple, you may additionally discover numerous antique statues, coins, and historical pots which had been discovered throughout the excavation.

4. Admire the Surreal Views of Himalayan Foothills on a Flying Fox Tour: Have you ever imagined the amusement of admiring the Himalayan landscape from the top? If yes, then indulge yourself withinside the amusing-packed hobby of zip lining in your Rishikesh journey and concentrate on the rustling wind as you are making your way closer to the give up of the rope.

Though this nerve-wracking recreation will take you thru numerous daunting moments, the fun that it'll provide ultimately is incomparable. As you may flow at the 1 Km long zip line at the speed of 160 kmph, be geared up to be amused with the panoramic perspectives of Himalayan levels and the pristine Ganga river.

5. Experience the Thrill of Cliff Jumping: Another interesting hobby to enjoy in your Rishikesh tour package, cliff leaping will set your adrenaline racing in no time. The hobby is in most cases practiced whilst you are both swimming in the Ganges or heading for a rafting tour.

The amusement of leaping down in the river from a heightened cliff is something that can not be placed into words. While attempting out this adventure sport, you do not want to be involved approximately your protection as you'll be observed via way of means of a teacher to climb up the rock. If you're seeking out some amusing sports to push your adventure limits on a Rishikesh trip, cliff leaping is a profitable enjoy.

6. Embark on a trek to Jadh Ganga: With its gushing streams, an awe-inspiring landscape, and pristine glaciers, Jadh Ganga is in reality heaven on earth. The vicinity has controlled to hold its rawness and serenity despite witnessing a huge inflow of travelers in the course of the year and it's far one of the best matters to consist of on your Rishikesh trip package.

Considered as one of the hardest treks in Uttarakhand, Jadh Ganga trek takes you through scenic spots like Maga, Tirpani, Do Sindhu, and Saraswati Taal earlier than concluding at Badrinath Temple. If you wish to mixture some journey into your Rishikesh journey, head for this strenuous trek and return with a package of memories.

7. De-stress Yourself with a Relaxing Ayurvedic Massage: A long day of sightseeing would possibly depart your frame jammed and tired. So, it's far constantly a higher choice to consist of an Ayurvedic massage center visit on your Rishikesh tour package.

With famous centers like Hemadri, Ananda, Braham Yoga, and Ayurveda Bhavan in its reserve, Rishikesh is a remaining hub of healing restoration and massage treatments. The rub-down treatments in those centers are to be had in specific budgets and you may pick the only one that fits your needs.

8. Explore the Scenic Village of Byasi: If small scenic villages have constantly intrigued you, you can't pass over out in this old-fashioned hamlet placed at the banks of the Ganga river. Situated at a distance of 30 Km from Rishikesh, Byasi is a small village broadly called a flourishing water sports activities and journey tourism destination.

rom its virgin landscapes to pristine rivers, and camping destinations, Byasi village has the whole lot that makes it a tourist's magnet. If you're too worn out to embark on a trekking journey in Rishikesh, cross for a tenting tour in Byasi and spend the nighttime at the white sands of this vicinity.

How to reach Rishikesh:

By Air: Situated at a distance of 35 Km, Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Rishikesh. To attain Rishikesh through the air, you may board one of the day-by-day flights operated through Jet Airways, Spice Jet, or Air India from New Delhi. In addition to this, you may additionally trap a flight from Lucknow to Dehradun. After accomplishing the airport, you may both rent a taxi or choose a public shipping bus from Dehradun to Rishikesh.

By Train: Just 25 Kilometers away from Rishikesh, Haridwar is the closest railhead that's properly related to all of the main towns like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Lucknow. If you opt to cowl your adventure through teach, it's far really useful to board a teach for Haridwar. Once you arrive at Haridwar, you may both rent a cab or choose the bus journey to Rishikesh.

By Bus: Being the maximum often visited vacationer destination, Rishikesh stocks suitable bus connectivity with its neighboring towns inclusive of Dehradun, Haridwar, and New Delhi. You can trap a bus early withinside the morning from Kashmere Gate, New Delhi and attain Rishikesh properly withinside the time.

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Best time to Visit Rishikesh:

Though the weather in Rishikesh is continental, its place withinside the foothill offers it an appropriate climate in the course of the year. However, in case you are seeking out an excellent time to discover this hilly destination, it's far really useful to plot your adventure in February, March, and August-October.

1. Summer: The months from March to June mark the summertime in Rishikesh. During this time, the town experiences a warm and humid climate. However, if water sports and sightseeing are your main focus, summertime season is a great time for you to plot your Rishikesh visit as it's far at some point of this season while the snow melts and water sports activities are in complete swing.

2. Monsoon: If you're keen to witness the herbal splendor of Rishikesh, it's far really useful to plot your Rishikesh sightseeing tour withinside the monsoon months. In the months between July and September, Rishikesh witnesses cool in addition to humid climate.

The river begins offevolved gushing with water and the plush inexperienced environment upload to the appeal of this place. With hotel charges happening withinside the wet season, you may vouch for a financial vacation in Rishikesh.

3. Winter: The months from November to February mark the wintry weather season in Rishikesh. In the winters, the town reviews a spine-chilling climate making it a much less appropriate time for the vacation. However, in case you stay up for indulging in tenting and river rafting, wintry weather months are probably the excellent time with the intention to visit Rishikesh.

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