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Bhaderwah Tour and Travel Guide

Bhaderwah Tour and Travel Guide

Bhaderwah—Land of Snakes also called Mini Kashmir

About Bhaderwah Tour and Travel Guide

Bhaderwah is a town situated in the district of Doda in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Set in the Himalayan foothills, it is a sub-district.  You can enjoy an exclusive horse ride around the valleys and can relish the exclusive landscape of the region. You can enjoy skiing on the slopes of the snow-engulfed mountains. You can enjoy the trip to Bhaderwah through Jammu trip packages.

At a height of 1613 meters, the town is also known for its various species of snakes. It is also called the Land of Snakes or Nagaon ki Bhoomi. The city is also known for trekking as it is in the foothills of the mountain. Also, the city is known for the 600-year-old festival, Mela Pat. Come here through Jammu and Kashmir tour packages. 


Places to see in Bhaderwah

Jai Valley, Bhaderwah 

Jai Valley, Bhaderwah

The exotic green valley is situated in the North-East of Bhaderwah at a distance of 32 kilometers. It has connectivity with the city by the Bhaderwah-Link Road and divides the stream called Jai Nallah. You can come here through Jammu tour packages. 


Chinta ValleyBhaderwah

Chinta Valley, Bhaderwah

It is a minute valley located 6500 feet above sea level. It provides a splendid view from distinct points like Thuba, which is the specific point that divides Bhaderwah and Chinta Nallah.


Seoj MeadowBhaderwah

Seoj Meadow, Bhaderwah

Also referred to as Crown of Bhaderwah, it is a splendid place engulfed by snow-capped mountains as well as coniferous forests. On the western side, the river Kailash Kund appears from the mountains, providing the landscape an exemplary appearance. You can come here through the Jammu family package tour conducted by Hellovisit. 


Bhaderwah FortBhaderwah

Bhaderwah Fort, Bhaderwah

Constructed in 1733, the Bhaderwah fort was the jail residence of Pandit Kashyap Bandhu, the former Chief Minister Sheik Mohammad Abdullah, and various other freedom fighters. The structure was eventually transformed into a prison in 1919. You can come here through a Jammu heritage trip. 


 Culture of BhaderwahBhaderwah 

The population of Bhaderwah comprises Muslims, Hindus as well as minorities like Christianity and Sikhism with Muslims forming a big part of the crowd in the city. The language spoken by all the people in Bhaderwah is Urdu. However, Kashmiri, as well as Bhaderwadi, are also spoken by certain people.


Mini KashmirBhaderwah 

Mini Kashmir, Bhaderwah

Because of the natural vegetation as well as the splendid peaks, it is also called the Mini Kashmir. The city, due to the cold climate, provides the feel of Kashmir. Also, there are various picturesque spots like Seoj Meadow, Padri, Chinta Valley, and so on providing the town with exemplary beauty. Come here through the Jammu tour package. 


Nagon ki BhoomiBhaderwah 

It is also referred to as Nagon ki Bhoomi due to the multiple species of snakes that are seen around the city.


Mela PatBhaderwah 

Mela Pat, Bhaderwah

Mela Pat is a festival of Bhaderwah practiced for more than 600 years. The tale behind this festival is that a noble king called NagPal belonging to the Paul dynasty became honorable in the sight of the Mughal kings with his might. The festival is commemorated to remember the event as well as Lord Vasuki Naag. The festival is organized at the end of Kailash Yatra, which attracts many people from various parts of the state to get blessings. The people dance the  Dikko dance, symbolizing pride, peace, and joy. You can come here through Bhaderwah trip packages. 


 History of Bhaderwah 

Bhaderwah has its tale of history. Mohenjo Daro as well as Harappa civilization ruled the city for much time in history. Back then, the Dugha Nagar and Udha Nagar became part of it. It is said that Bhaderwah was a wealthy as well as a thriving city in ancient times. Unfortunately, it was destroyed because of a volcanic eruption from Kailash Mountain. It was included in the state in 1841 AD when Maharaj Pratap Singh gave the city to his younger brother as an estate. Come here through a Jammu and Kashmir nature trip. 


Tour Tips For Bhaderwah 

  • Maintain caution on hairpin roads as these are dangerous.
  • Take cash along with
  • Also, see whether you can tolerate cold in the winter months.


 Best time to visit Bhaderwah

April to July 


How to reach Bhaderwah?

By road:-There is connectivity from Jammu and Doda via road.

By train:-No train goes to Bhaderwah.

By air:-There is no airport in Bhaderwah.


Things to do in Bhaderwah

You can be here someday and enjoy Mela Pat. If you are a lover of photography, this place also called mini Kashmir is for you.