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Char Dham News: Advance online registration compulsory for Char Dham Yatra

Char Dham News: Advance online registration compulsory for Char Dham Yatra

Advance online registration compulsory for Char Dham Yatra

The Uttarakhand Government has reiterated that pilgrims will make certain that they have registered themselves online in advance to undertaking the once-a-year Char Dham Yatra. The government has made it clear that this system is mandatory, failing which, pilgrims without an earlier registration might be stopped at Rishikesh, which is the place to begin the once-a-year pilgrimage. In short, earlier registration has now been made compulsory for all the pilgrims.

Referring to this, Dilip Jawalkar, Principal Secretary - Tourism, Government of Uttarakhand has elaborated that the number of pilgrims supposed to go to every of the Char Dhams is constant maintaining in thoughts the protection problems of the pilgrims. This system may also come reachable if each pilgrim starts his adventure handiest once you have themselves registered to avoid inconvenience at a later stage.

As per the latest developments, pilgrims will come for the yatra as consistent with the dates allocated to them at some point of the registration and now no longer earlier than that. Only after their registration is confirmed, pilgrims will then be requested to head for the resort and different bookings.

The Tourism secretary has additionally advised pilgrims to observe fitness advisory to preserve themselves safe. If reviews are to head by, 31 pilgrims have up to now misplaced their lives during the pilgrimage. As mentioned earlier, the Uttarakhand kingdom government has also issued a fitness advisory and has asked pilgrims to get themselves a complete take a look at up earlier than beginning the yatra as tough weather conditions and tough terrain could pose an undertaking for them.

As consistent with the government release, on account that all of the 4 holy places, courted as Char Dhams, sit at a height above 2700 m above sea level, pilgrims may face diverse fitness problems, which include low oxygen levels, extra ultraviolet radiation, and others; thus, fitness checks up is advisable.

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