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Maharashtra is hosting the Fireflies Festival, and also you must move

Maharashtra is hosting the Fireflies Festival, and also you must move

Fireflies, Mother Nature’s very own fairy lights, are out now in millions, and the first-rate locations to look at them are in Maharashtra.

The Fireflies Festival has simply started in diverse locations in Maharashtra and could move on until the end of this month (June).

Places along with Rajmachi Village, Siddhagad Wadi, Prabalmachi village, Bhandardara, Ghatghar, Kothaligad, Kondane Caves, and Purushwadi are web website hosting camps for the month-long event. Those who're interested can get the 1D/1N bundle and experience trekking, hiking, tenting, and firefly walks at night.

Some of the fairs to look out for are: Purushwadi Fireflies Festival - Treks and Trails in Purushwadi village (till June 26)

Rajmachi Fireflies Trek & Camp - Treks and Trails near Lonavala (until June 25)

Rajmachi motor motorcycle trip and fireflies festival near Lonavala (June 4-5)

Fireflies Photography Boot Camp - Bhandardara (June 4-5)

Bhandardara Fireflies Camping (until June 18)

Malshej Ghat Fireflies Camping - Treks and Trails in Malshej Ghat (until June 25).

Firefly looking is first-rate while it's far some distance from the city’s mild pollution. One can expect lots of peace and quiet, and the least quantity of mild and sound disturbances in the area. Sounds like the start of a very good short getaway from the city.

The Western Ghats area is a very good habitat for those bioluminescent beetles. Yes, fireflies are beetles. The mild and rhythmic flicker of those fireflies is actually the insects communicating, to attract the alternative intercourse and respond.

These insects begin to pop out in millions simply before the monsoon and, for approximately months, they stay to mate and lay eggs.

Things to maintain in mind: firefly populace is decreasing due to the lack of habitat. Once their habitat receives paved or disturbed by human interference, they simply prevent existing. Fireflies aren't migratory, so while you are touring those locations to watch them in action, take into account about they now no longer demand their habitat.