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India's first Dark Sky Reserve to reach Ladakh shortly

India's first Dark Sky Reserve to reach Ladakh shortly

India's first Dark Sky Reserve to reach Ladakh shortly

presently located in Ladakh. About 270 kilometers southeast of Leh, in the Changthang area, lies a little settlement called Hanle.

The six hamlets of Book, Shado, Punguk, Khuldo, Naga, and Tibetan Refugee habitations within Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary collectively constitute a cluster or an area that has been formally recognized as the Hanle Dark Sky Reserve has been officially notified as the Hanle Dark Sky Reserve.

Earlier, Hanle only had the Indian Astronomical Observatory. Now, a total area of 1,073 km around Hanle is a dark sky reserve, and if you are an astronomy enthusiast, this is the best place for you.

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What is a Dark Sky Reserve?

An region that is monitored for light pollution is called a dark sky reserve. Basically, there are a few limitations around the reserve that forbid people from having any bright lighting. So you have complete darkness, which makes stargazing simpler and more enjoyable.

Even though there are settlements close by the reserve, they must abide by a set of regulations in order to uphold the concept of minimum to zero light pollution. Please be aware that no artificial lighting, including lights from moving vehicles, is permitted inside the reserve area when visiting Hanle.

The general public will now have access to the Hanle Dark Sky Reserve year-round. The chilly and dry air at Hanle made the black sky reserve a possibility! Very nice.

Most of the local villagers are trained to show the Astro-tourists the wonder of Hanle’s dark skies.

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Where is Hanle?

Hanle is a small village in the Changthang region, approximately 270 km southeast of Leh.

How to get the Inner Line Permit for Hanle?

You will have to (in person) go to the Leh DC office for the permit.

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