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Ladakh Biggest Hemis festival will start Soon-2022

Ladakh Biggest Hemis festival will start Soon-2022

Ladakh Biggest Hemis festival 2022, Will start Soon 

The annual celebration of Ladakh's Hemis Festival is right around the corner. Block the dates because it comes in  July 8-9, you want to be in Ladakh for the two days Hemis Festival. On the 10th day of the lunar month, also known as Tse-Chu, Hemis Festival is well known to mark the start anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava.

The grand Hemis Monastery is placed in Ladakh; at some point in the festival time, you may get to look at the monastery all decked up and ready for the grand cultural birthday party. This is also a high-quality time to enjoy the Ladakhi culture.

The locals, in their traditional best, gather in the monastery courtyard where the main celebration takes place. Lamas in traditional attires and colorful masks open the festival with cham, also known as the masked dance. The stunning masks and headgears have different meanings and are of cultural significance.

Short history of Hemis Festival

Back in the eighth century, it changed into believing that the locals had been affected by evil spirits and demons. It changed into Guru Padmasambhava, also referred to as Guru Rimpoche, who saved the day and those who commenced celebrating this win over evil. Basically, the Hemis Festival is widely known to keep negativity at bay and welcome new lifestyles this is full of desire and high-quality energy.

It changed through Guru Padmasambhava that Tantric Buddhism changed into introduced in the Himalayan region. Hemis Festival is also a party of Buddhism and Tibetan culture.


Festival High Points

The Cham Dance or the God Dance is the main attraction of the festival. It is the handiest performed through the priests and lamas because it has nonsecular significance.

Things to maintain in mind

Since Hemis Festival is a religious festival, site visitors are always asked to admire the neighborhood lifestyle and the festival environment in general. Proper apparel is advised and does convey solar safety as it's far an out of doors event. Photography inside the prayer corridor and monastery museum is strictly prohibited.

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